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A Unity Solutions Expert, with a bachelor’s degree in 30 Game Arts and Design, who has built an internal mastery of many of the technologies used in Unity. Has a strong talent for scalable UI and an understanding of how UX should be and the know-how to use it.
• Technically versatile with training in 30 Game Design technologies, concepts, and architectures; well-prepared to contribute to best-practice level design and scripting efforts. These skills also include proper asset exporting for game engines.
• Broad exposure to design methodologies in scripting and programming; leverage strategies for best practice technology architecture, including prevailing design techniques.
• Develop innovative solution strategies, applying project management, analysis, and solution development expertise alone or in coordination with a team.


C# 95%
C++ 65%
Js 60%
Level Design 85%
UI/UX 75%
Rapid Prototyping 100%
Advanced System Architecture 90%


Unity3d 95%
UE4 65%
Maya 70%
Photoshop 90%
Experience Designer (XD) 70%
After Effects 50%
Audition 60%


Inhance Digital Corp.

Software Engineer | Jan, 2019 - Present

Working for Inhance Digital has provided me with exceptional opportunities to work closely with a talented team of individuals for many major High-end and Fortune 500 companies. I was responsible for developing highly vetted quality demos and experiences; some of which, I managed. 

ObEN Inc.

Unity Software Engineer | Oct, 2016 - Jul, 2018

Responsible for designing and implementing much of ObEN’s interactive demos for investors and the public. I worked with a team of 11 to successfully integrate ObEN’s Speech Processing and Computer Vision outputs in many of these applications which helped secure millions in investment. The range of applications spread from Mobile to VR and AR.

Spectoccular Labs / Auggle (Contract)

AR/VR Developer | Aug, 2016 - Oct, 2016

Contracted to Develop an advanced Augmented Reality Sample and SDK in Unity. I also worked on a VR sample for their other VR Cinematic Experience.

• The sample included a custom head tracking script for their unique design, a unique visual experience that incorporated digital butterflies into the real world, a mini game that operates off of a pedometer, a location-based Pokemon GO inspired game, and an immersive AR golf game.
• The visual sample for their Cinematic experience incorporated a virtual cinema, at-home cinema and a 360 video experience.
• Core Technologies: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Coat

Upfront Applications

Lead Game Developer | Sep, 2015 - Apr, 2016

Built a strong foundation with a multitude of games and scripting knowledge. I was responsible for a small key team of talented individuals.

  •  I was responsible for planning, organizing and developing multiple games within the given deadlines.
  • I guided each team member through the steps and set personal deadlines to meet the deadlines of our superiors. In total we released 9 games.
  • Core Technologies: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Coat

FUNN Magazine (Contract)

AR/VR Developer | Jul, 2015 - Sep, 2015

Worked hands on with the owner of the corporation in developing this augmented reality program on the unity platform. This position required me to carefully script the software, develop new UI assets and even animation.

  •  Providing great expertise in the scripting platform of Unity was one of the key priorities in my position. I acted as an adviser in the professional decisions of the company on how to move forward with the program.
  • Core Technologies: Unity, Vuforia, Xcode, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop

Business Ventures

Vision VR ARcade


At Vision VR Arcade we provided a safe lounge-like experience where customers can come, try and experience Virtual Reality. There was 3 available headsets for rent and we had 15+ games and experiences for you to try; including the popular: Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Superhot and The Brookhaven Experiment. Find new ways to act, explore, create and more.

Grey State Development


Grey State Development was a small indie game studio based out of Los Angeles. Now, our team is dedicated to providing an outstanding and amazing VR & AR experiences for real life applications.


Mt. Sierra College

Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Game Arts and Design

I studied the artistic and the technical aspects of Game Design. I’ve learned 12 Programs, not including game engines, over the course of the last 4 years. I focused more into the scripting/blueprinting portion of my education, and really stretched my knowledge.